The first one…

Hey there,

I’m not really one for words. Putting my thoughts onto a page has never been my go to, but maybe I’ll really like how this works. Currently the craziness of covid 19 has somehow brought me back to Omaha, school is partially in person, so we will see how long that lasts. This past summer was full of hiking, camping, mountain biking, and creating. I made a lot of work. Not all was pretty, actually most of it I’m not sure if I like it at all, but a handful of great things did emerge. I think the unstructured form of summer was a blessing and also a creative block. Now that we are back in school I hope it will lend itself to more creative work and more physical, tangible successes. Like this blog post… I’m not sure what a blog exactly is, so I will try and keep it short, and mainly about the pieces I’m creating. Hoping this might be a place to step back from my work and critically analyze what I am trying to accomplish.

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